All, Ashore!

These are the folks who support the Acasta Crew while ashore (including friends, family, sweethearts, merchants, etc.)

Sally Brown- Proprietress of the Lord Nelson's Arms

Sally runs a tavern in Sailortown (the waterfront area of many port cities) that is welcoming to the Acasta Crew. She's able to offer finer private accommodations to the officers and their ladies, while still having the necessary sass to handle the common sailors, too.

She's a respectable businesswoman in her own right who has a soft spot for the Acasta crew; her departed husband was a former sailor himself, so she is well acquainted with the plight of the mariner ashore.
In her 21st century life, Christina takes some commission work for reproduction clothing, crafts for her Etsy shop, and freelances in a number of positions (book editor, independent researcher, etc). She is a licensed professional educator who has a masters certificate in Educational Research and Technology and has worked as a stipend intern with the Tailors and Mantua-Maker/Milliners of Colonial Williamsburg. She has a particular passion for material culture (specifically clothing, accessories, and ceramics) and loves to spend her free time in research. 

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