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Standards and Expectations for Members

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Important Terminology:

Good/Better/Best- System HMSA-A uses for standards of material culture and interpretation.

The following terms with explanations are borrowed from The Tudor Tailor. While this excellent text focuses on 16th century dress, the methodology of the authors' research and approach to interpretation is consistent with the values and approach of the HMSA-Aux. We highly recommend the series for any historic library.
Authentic- Original to the period. Genuine. i.e. If a garment is an original, it is authentic. If it is a replication, reconstruction, or recreation it is not.
Accurate- Correct in all details; exact. i.e. the closer a reconstruction is to an original the more accurate it is. This includes materials and construction.

Replication- an attempt to duplicate an extant item exactly
Reconstruction- an attempt to duplicate clothing of a period using some justifiable speculation (based on research) staying true to methods and materials of extant pieces. 
Recreation- Using guesswork and imagination to create a stylized representation of historic costume. 1

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Ninya Mikhaila, Jane Malcolm-Davies, and Michael Perry, The Tudor Tailor: Techniques and Patterns for Making Historically Accurate Period Clothing (Hollywood, CA: Costume & Fashion Press/Quite Specific Media, 2006).

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